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Besides Feldman

Live recording of “Feld(man) Forschung” – realized by the 2010 Wien Modern festival in homage to the great American composer. Patrick Pulsinger, located at the interface of contemporary electronic art and established improvisational music, and his co-musicians Pamelia Kurstin, Hilary Jeffery and Rozemarie Heggen delivered a perfect and unique “one take”, a performance recorded live at the Casino Baumgarten in Vienna. Equipped with a trombone, a double bass, a theremin and a modular synthesizer the quartet drew on Feldman’s ideas and approaches for inspiration, creating their own acoustic space out of the properties of their instruments, the location and a rudimentary graphic score.

Rozemarie Heggen, double bass
Hilary Jeffery, trombone
Pamelia Kurstin, theremin
Patrick Pulsinger, modular synthesizer
All music composed by Patrick Pulsinger, Pamelia Kurstin, Hilary Jeffery, Rozemarie Heggen
Live recordings at Casino Baumgarten, commissioned by Wien Modern festival 2010, as part of the concert series “Feld(man) Forschung”, curated by Patrick Pulsinger.

  1. Timless Floating Music 09:17
  2. Persian Carpets 06:15
  3. Patterns Not Loops 04:37
  4. Metaphysical Space 03:32
  5. Beeing In-between 08:21
  6. Figment Film 09:37
  7. Repeat Same Chord In Different Ways 11:32

total time: 53:11

Recording Date November 13, 2010
Recording Location Casino Baumgarten, Vienna (A)
Live Sound Christina Bauer
Recording Engineer Oliver Brunbauer
Mixed by Patrick Pulsinger and Hilary Jeffery at Feedback Studio One, Vienna (A)
Mastered by Patrick Pulsinger
Text Katja Mayer (in cooperation with the artists)

For more info: http://www.col-legno.com/

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