Patrick Pulsinger – Impassive Skies

With his 4th studio album „Impassive Skies“ Patrick Pulsinger draws all attention to the dancefloor.

Release dates:
4 June 2010 (DISKO B/Trost) Austria
17 June 2010 (Musicmine) Japan
18 June 2010 (DISKO B) International

After his highly acclaimed adventure into jazz with „Easy to Assemble – Hard to Take Apart“ and the classic „Dogmatic Sequences Series“ comes an album that extends the unique combination of electronics and recorded instruments even further: synthesizers and hand played drumboxes, not sequenced by the computer, carefully fitted  into the musical performances. All the beautiful irregularities of the human groove with its switches and bleeps of the analogue bubble bath melt into a sound scape that reflects both the history of dance music and today’s production techniques.

All eight tracks on the album show great diversity in style and musical approach. The analogue recording and mixing process and the wide dynamic range give the material a continuity that makes Impassive Skies such an intense and visionary listening experience, fostered by the original release in double vinyl format.

Several guest musicians and vocalists played an important part in the development of the album.

Their involvement in the early stages of the compositions allowed Pulsinger to give room to their performances in the arrangement and shape the electronic sound around the instruments.

Opening track „Grey Gardens“ revolves around trumpet and improvisation genius Franz Hautzinger, whose narrative performance inspired its sambaesque feel, playful drum sequencing and Detroit style synthesizer chords.

In „Future Back“ and title track „Impassive Skies“ the outstanding sound scape of guitar experimentalist Christian Fennesz set a perfect background for Rhodes, Grand Piano and Organ played by young jazz talent Martin Knorz, as well as modular synthesized drum patterns and polaroid sampling by the legendary Sebastian Niessen of SND.

There is a certain cosmic feel in the 2 tracks that feature the human clockwork Elektro Guzzi as rhythm combo. „Thong“ is filled with tom tom breaks and deep driving bass. „Blame it!” features the voice of Abe Duque of Hollis, Queens in New York City, in line with straight forward, dubbed out disco catching a glimpse of vibraphone and vocoder.

The guest vocalists bring elements of pop, new wave and punk to the album. „Rise and Fall“ is best described by singer G.Rizo herself in the song: „It switches, it clicks“. The song was recorded shortly after Pulsinger’s remix for G Rizo’s 12inch “I wanna see you“ on Gigolo Records years ago.

It needed some time to give the song the right twist and movement to accommodate her great vocal performance into this flickering dance track. The Japanese CD version will feature an alternative dub version of that song. When the track “A to Z” took form Teresa Rotschopf, of Bunny Lake fame, gave the song the desired new wave feel and the cold glimmer of a future pop classic.

Live shows will feature several guests of the album and transfer the playful production process onto stage. Be prepared for some serious instrumentalism!

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