dp-S Conjecture

Hypnotically beautiful, full of strange broken rhythms, sudden sweeping ascents of pitch, measured silences.

Greg Egan

cover art by Tobias Pils

dp-S is an experimental, all analogue, no computer project focused around Patrick Pulsinger (Vienna) and Werner Dafeldecker (Berlin). The heart of the sound is a circuit comprising acoustic double-bass connected to a powerful analogue system formant modular synthesizer. Wooden acoustic sound feeds filters and oscillators and triggers waveforms, envelopes and gates. Dafeldecker & Pulsinger have been performing with this system on-stage and in the studio since 2003. They have played in the USA, China, Poland, Spain, Germany & Austria with great success. Conjecture brings together the highlights of several improvised recording sessions and features guest appearances by John Tilbury (piano) & Sir Alice (voice), both respected musicians, experienced in the field of avant-garde improvisation. On stand-out cut S-08, Parisian Sir Alice delivers a raw vocal that transforms the dark analogue pulse into a sultry minimal club track. The simplicity & purity of the dp-S electro-acoustic loop creates a unique and organic sound that ranges from fragile to infernal. BigBeak Recordings are proud to present Conjecture, a hardambient masterpiece and a deep and rewarding listening experience.

Conjecture is a speculation based on signs and sounds. The output does not reveal the input, but makes you want to explore its possibilities.

BigBeak Recordings
Werner Dafeldecker
Patrick Pulsinger @ discogs

Cover by: Tobias Pils

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Feedback Studio Vienna

Located in the 5th district in a quiet backyard the Feedback Studio complex hosts not only a spacious rehearsal room, but also 2 recording studios, a workshop and a garage. The studios are solely operated by their proprietors and not rented out. Please direct your inquiries to: feedbackstudiovienna@gmail.com

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